It’s hard to imagine, but not too long ago, all this cannabis stuff was illegal.

We never imagined the day would come where a person could walk into a store and buy a joint.

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Here in Oregon, the taboo has disappeared… the lengths it took to get your stash… awkward deals… never knowing what you were getting (is it marijuana or is it oregano?)…

Cannabis has come a long way and we could not be more excited to be a part of this industry!

The History of

We started our journey in February 2014 with a few friends and family, a vision, and gallons of coffee. What ensued was red tape, battles with regulators, construction delays and everything else that “could go wrong… did.”

But we couldn’t be kept down, and Jayne opened in November 2015.

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The cannabis dispensary we dreamed of was simple… Great atmosphere, excellent service and quality products – at the best possible price. Your weed should go up in smoke, not your wallet!

Dispensary Atmosphere

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We wanted to create a space that was inviting.

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and welcome. In fact, we even wanted our mom to feel comfortable here… and she does.

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Jayne Portland Cannabis Dispensary Design
Jayne Cannabis Dispensary Interior Design

Think of us as your Cheers.

Our bud-tenders are super friendly and genuinely strive to make you feel at ease. They really know their stuff – which means you’ll walk out with products you want, and not what you don’t.

Jayne Dispensary Budtender grabs Cannabis Jar

Now that you know our story, come experience JAYNE in person, and tell us yours.
Bring your mom if you want to!

Oh, and no need to offer us any coffee.

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We’re on a caffeine detox – “doctor’s orders.”

What do customers think about Jayne?

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